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Commentary and Perspective from one of America's most unique small town areas, edited by Preston Westmoreland of Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty.

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Volume 1-3, 2008-2012 Editions


Archives:  click on issue to access. Beginning with the  July, 2009 editions and earlier, they are best viewed by  Internet Explorer. Thank you. 

Summer, 2017-Special media edition.  Fox News in town to feature prime properties, including The Boulder House, famous homes used in movies, Channel 12 tours the largest Phoenix estate, in Cave Creek, town center improvements, Buffalo Chip re-opens, sales stats and quiz!

Summer, 2016--The amazing roadrunner, Buffalo Chip rebuilding, Carefree Town Center Improvements,  geology of Black Mountain, Fox News to feature historic Gold Hill.

Summer, 2014--Bull snake climbing up a Carefree window on ABC15, Who is the West's Most Western Town, New housing boom in Carefree, Real estate sales rundown, Octave Mine featured on "Ghost Mines" cable show, and a look at Carefree's iconic Wedding Cake House.

Summer, 2013--Fox 10's,  Cool House features a Gerry Jones home on Black Mountain, Record-settling heat in June, Real Estate States, Housing Prices heading up, Cave Creek's Mystery airstrip, Carefree's x-rated rock formation


Summer, 2012:  Fox 10's,  Cool House features a home in Carefree, Heat Wave continues, Real Estate commentary on the nayseyers "we'll never reach the bottom! Also, Phoenix tops Zillows list of great housing rebounds, Carefree Town ponders which signs to use, and a desert quiz on which fork in a road or trail to use if you are lost?  You'll be surprised. Check it out now.


Spring, 2012: Today's quiz on desert survival could save your life!, CNN in town to tape Gold Hill mine, new Street Signs in Carefree, a look at the million dollar cactus garden in bloom, plus real estate commentary and stats.


Winter, 2012: House with Indian Ruins is a big hit!  Foreign buyers love Arizona.   Latest commentary on Carefree's hot-selling zip code,   Real Estate Stats.   A look at where all the decorative granite rocks come from, Amazing aerial! And what does it mean when they say Phoenix is a niche market?


Fall, 2011: Carefree Town introduces million-dollar cactus garden.  Realtor Preston Westmoreland recounts a harrowing attemped hijacking story on TV. US cities where homes sell the fastest.  Quiz on what cactus can help you tell direction, if lost in the desert.  Carefree Skyranch celebrates their 50th anniversary, Cave Creek home selected to be featured on TV as one of the Phoenix-area's greatest deals. Wal Mart opens to crowds of thousands!


Summer, 2011: Sarah Palin buys a Scottsdale house, Quiz on why people can't recognize Elephant Butte, couple loses their house and get the news via Facebook, Skyranch Airport celebrates their 50th anniversary, the Carefree Inn sells out in 108 degrees, and the Wrigleys are building another Carefree home. hits the real estate


April, 2011: We've finally hit bottom (housing commentary), Boulder Resort now a Waldorf-Astoria resort, snow on the mountains, mountain lion family on the Desert Mountain golf course, one of Black Mountain's highest homes hits the real estate market, Cromfort Report on impressive real estate closings, Carefree's own Praying Monk, plus complete real estate stats.

January, 2011: Weather in review: house falls into Cave Creek, landslide on Elephant Butte, Flash floods, Commentary:  Feel the pain when you sell, Economic recovery nowhere to be seen, Fake cactus, and attempts to eradicate Desert Broom.

October, 2010: Largest saguaro in the world falls over, History of the Carefree Studios, B of A freezes foreclosures, Bartlett Lake update, Real Estate Insider on why the air is cleaner up  in Carefree/Cave Creek

August, 2010: UFO's in Cave Creek, Quiz on Javelinas, $ 43 million dollar Gold Hill gold mine offered for sale, Million Dollar home auctions and link to TV story on Fox10, story of how the Carefree Highway was named.

July, 2009: Was the BoulderReign house Really blown up in the movie Zabriskie Point?, Hot Summer for foreclosure sales, 3 fireworks displays in 3 days, Homes built in the rocks and the amazing rock walls they have!

April, 2009:  John Travolta visits the area with his Boeing 707, Real Estate Hot tips: Bottom Reached, A Trip to the Baseline Monument, where all Arizona Land measurements begin, Cave Creek Home Featured on Two TV Shows, Real Estate Statistics

January, 2009:  Homes that Look like Resorts, Wait until you see there!  Quiz on javalinas, Tips for a Positive New Year,  Regular columns on Real Estate Hot Tips and Real Estate Stats.

December, 2008:  UFO Crash in Cave Creek?, (part 2)  Sliding back to 2004 prices,  Real Estate is  Dead in the Water commentary, Quiz-who was the first pilot to land at Carefree Skyranch? Welcome back Visitors, Your blogger is inducted into the Arizona Broadcaster's Hall of Fame.

November, 2008:  UFO Crash in Cave Creek?, Sliding back to 2004 prices, RL Brown overview, Welcome back Activities, Radio Hall of Fame induction, real estate stats, quiz on Carefree historic home.

October, 2008:Arizona gets money to fight foreclosure blight, rattlesnake venom gets stronger, House sales stalled, List of Homebuilders in trouble, Selling real estate on the road-the new virtual office.

August 2008:  The myth of the $ 80 house,Dust control argument in Cave Creek, local real estate stats, Cave Creek's unusual traffic signs, real estate predictions for the summer, desert survival quiz, housing predictions for retirees

July, 2008:Cave Creek debate-should we have dust-free roads?, The tarantula wasp, Guess who's only making     $ 80 profit on a house?, Real estate stats, Foreclosures on the rise, Cave Creek's novel traffic signs.

June, 2008:  What member of European royalty likes to secretly stay in our area, Wildflower report on the last flower to bloom, Quiz-what movie was recently filmed at Cave Creek's Big Earl's Greasy Eats?, check out the new Black Mountain Trail, Economists see the credit crises easing, Fannie Mae rules have just eased, Real Estate stats, and Who to Believe? Recent real estate sales are sending mixed signals.

May, 2008: Crazy Carefree street signs, State trust land auctions stalled, wildflower season winds down, real estate weekly stats, Zillow surveys optimistic on Phoenix area, Credit crises may be over, Existing home sale predictions, Quiz-why are there Styrofoam cups on cactus?.

April, 2008: Gordon Lightfoot's "Carefree Highway", Carefree home values up, Canadian buyers descend on valley, Realty Statistics, Wildflower report, Home Sales Sputter, Short Sale pitfalls.