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Commentary and Perspective from one of America's most unique small town areas, edited by Preston Westmoreland of Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty.

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Volume 6, Summer Edition 2017
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Special Media Edition!


Fox News-all over the area! Network features prime properties on the 3rd Season of "The Property Man with Bob Massi" Carefree (PW)  Fox News crews  from New York and LA. were blanketing Cave Creek and other locales, doing stories for the entire third season of "the Property Man with Bob Massi" Photo on the left, shows Host Massi, doing standups in front of the Famous Boulders House, one of those properties featured. Shows air on Fox Business Channel, Fridays at 5:30 Arizona time.  Links to the broadcasts are below.



This month's quiz-

What movie was filmed at this house?
Scroll down for the answer! 


Maricopa County Active Listings-     16,077
County home listings-2016                  23,677
Carefree Active Homes Listed-                105
Carefree Distressed homes-                         1
Carefree Homes Under Contract-             19
Carefree Homes sold last 30 days-            14
Cave Creek Active Homes Listed-          288
Cave Creek Homes Under Contract-      127
Cave Creek distressed     Homes-              3
Cave Creek homes sold last 30 days-       56
Scottsdale Active Homes-                       2306
Scottsdale Homes Under Contract-        766
Scottsdale Distressed Homes-                   27 Scottsdale Homes sold last 30 days-       495
Paradise Valley Active Listings-              371
PV Homes Under Contract-                       69
Paradise Valley  Distressed Homes-         5
PV Homes sold last 30 days-                       54
Top Home Sale in the Valley
last year-$12.75 mil, 5901 E. Edward Ln., Scottsdale
14,150 sq. ft.

"The Most Original Home in America" goes on Fox network!

Scottsdale (PW) One of the only homes in Arizona EVER to make the cover of the Architectural Digest, was the subject of an in-depth feature, as part of the Third Season of the "The Property Man with Bob Massi" on the Fox Business Network.  It was Stanley Marcus, co-founder of Neiman Marcus, who included the Boulder House in his book "Quest for the Best" and called it "the most original home in America." Some areas of habitation, such as black carbon on the rocks from fires, has been carbon dated to be over 1,000 years old.  (photo below)


The site is also on the National Register of Historic places and is believed to have been used as a solar observatory by the ancients, who had a calendar chiseled into the rock where beam crossed on the solstice twice a year! The Fox crew did several shoots on the site and also used the property for intros and stand-up narration for various programs of "The Property Man with Massi"  Massi is a Fox legal analyst and successful Las Vegas real estate attorney. The tour was conducted by Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty listing agent, Preston Westmoreland,  member of the Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and winner of radio's "Oscar" award, The Marconi. 

Watch the Fox News tour of the Boulder House here: Boulder House on Fox

Quiz Answer. . .

When producers were looking for a desert hideaway to film part of the re-make of "The Getaway," they chose this Wil Bruner-designed retreat in Cave Creek.  Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin plotted their crime, a robbery of a dog racing track,  by the pool!


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From Fox and Friends, Bob Massi tells the story of how the Gold Hill feature was taped "it really is a great story," he boasts,  jokingly adds "but I thought I was going to die! Italians don't go into mines!"

Scottsdale (PW)- It was "Danger" Dan Cohen, Fox Network senior producer, who first suggested including a Scottsdale gold mine property, into the third season of "The Property Man with Bob Massi."  I'm sure it didn't make sense to network execs at the time, since there were no more buildings on the site, and just holes in the ground!  The bunkhouse, boarding house, blacksmith shop and other structures from the 1890s were no longer standing.  It's a three-mile road going up the mountain to reach the site, and is best-made in a four-wheel vehicle.  Nonetheless, Fox crews from New York and Los Angeles showed up in the staging area with a flotilla of mini vans and other city cars, packed with heavy production gear.  And one by one, vehicles started to slide, two got flat tires, and  finally all had to be parked on a side road, while the crew figured out how to salvage the shoot. 
It was then decided to pack necessary crew, sound and camera people into a Hummer, along with host Bob Massi, and get up to the mine to get the story.

Fox crew that piled into the Hummer to get the story on Gold Hill. From left to right, audio expert  Will Wynne, Bob Massi, Grigory Khananayev on camera,
Fox Senior Coordinating Producer Dan Cohen, who proved why his nickname is "Danger"

Meanwhile, at a remote location on the road up, the crew took advantage of their downtown and set up a complete studio on the hill so Bob Massi could do his standups, introcutions for the program, while other crew members, in one of last functioning vehicles, took tires down to get fixed.

In the end, a harrowing experience in the remote mountains of Scottsdale, but a super story!  The feature also includes the legendary gold mine property, The Octave, near Congress, Arizona, one of the all-time big gold producers in the state, having given up over 200,000 ounces of gold and 65,000 ounces of silver.  The Property Man airs Friday nights, Fox Business Channel, 8:30 pm EDT Watch the segment it right here:
The Property Man at Gold Hill


Bike Week finished a spectacular run in Cave Creek this year, in January, getting bigger and bigger, with the heaviest action centering on The Hideaway Grill area.  Bikes this year were parked all the way up the hill, to the Stagecoach Plaza. Nobody can remember so many visitors!  Nice to see, with the many thousands of cyclists descending on the area, few problems at all!  Congrats! Many enjoyed hitting the "Chip", the newly re-opened and remodeled classic town hangout, after a devastating fire burned it to the ground.

The life-sized fiberglass buffalo that decorated the roof of Buffalo Chip Saloon & Steakhouse in Cave Creek for decades,  is back up on the roof.  It needed some repair to the head of horns.  Down the road, the Hogs 'N Horses bar and saloon has a new owner and is renamed Outlaw Annies.
(left) The explosion site is near the present day Summit shopping center and Las Piedras community. Boulder Reign has been used for plenty of movie, commercial and catalog shoots. You may have seen it in Bob Hope's "Cancel My Reservations"
Carefree continues to improve everything in the town center!

Yoga classes under the Sundial and pool  Nice! Below, One of the two new imposing "entry gates" to the Carefree Town Center



Real estate hot tipsWhere is the "real" celebrity hotspot in the Phoenix area?

Carefree (PW) When the NBC affiliate in Phoenix was planning to do a feature on celebrity homes, they contacted me about a mansion on a private mountain we had listed for $5.2 million. They had heard that Julio Iglesias lived there. I've heard these stories before, that someone got started with a rumor.  "Not true," I told them, it's actually a very private Michigan couple who are in the manufacturing business." But this house is the ultimate celebrity house, and you should feature it." And they did.  I also told them that the Carefree and Cave Creek areas had more top people and celebrities out there than most other areas.  It was Dee Dee Wood, Tony-award winning choreographer for The Sound of Music and Beaches with Bette Midler, and a Cave Creek resident, that got Dick Van Dyke to move here.  The area has been home to Hugh Downs, Tom Lehman (who purchased half of Dick Van Dyke's ranch) Paul Harvey, Cliff Robertson, Oscar Mayer, and notable names, from Joe Columbo, the Pabst family, Yardleys, heads of Harley Davidson, members of the British royal family, Lou Menk, CEO of Burlington Northern Railroad, Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, , Palo Soleri, Baby Blues cartoonists, The Strauss's-- Katney and Ralph-heir to Macys, and scores of others, even Sonny Barger, founder of the Hell's Angels. There's been little in-depth coverage in the media of all the power brokers and famous people living in the area.  They like their privacy and would prefer it that way! So the next time you hear about celebs down in Paradise Valley, remember, there are many more to the North, you just don't hear about them.
By the way, the Channel 12 story turned out to be a nice piece.   Our thanks to Brandon Hamilton.  You can see it right here: Channel 12 Feature

Flashback: Hollywood Special Effects works wonders with the famous Boulder Reign house!
It is one of the area's most recognizable homes, the stylish home built on the rocks on the Southeast flank of Black Mountain.

But behind the former Carefree Studios, a model of the home was constructed, so movie wizards from MGM Studios could "blow up" the house at the end of the 60's cult movie Zabriskie Point.  See photos below, courtesy of MGM Studios. it's rumored that you can still see the burn marks on the rocks.